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Master (CoC)
Deck Officer
Uncertain availability
Job offers received: 0
Passport: Italy
Salary Not declared

Personal data
Sposato/a 62 years, Non fumo
Resident in: procida (NA) Italy
Sea experience
Experiences to update
4 years on Seaman's Book
Seaman's book
1° category, Napoli, Officer
Certificates of Competency
Comandante del diporto (Yachts ≥3000GT)
Education, languages
Nautical Institute
Italian English
IMO Courses / Certifications
Advanced Oil Tanker
Oil Chem. Gas Familiariz.
Radar A.R.P.A.
Radar Obs./Plottin
Advanced Firefighting
Boat license
Ship License (2010)
Qualified for sailboats
Qualified for sailboats

Boardings carried out

  • Period: 06/1981 12/1986
    Unit: VLCC motore
    Use, area: Commerciale
    Role held: da allieno a 2° ufficiale
    Main Tasks: Navigazione e sicurezza

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