Pricing and FAQ - Recruiting for yachting industry since 2005

  • Yacht Crew Recruiting in the Med

    Smart Recruiting, Competitive Prices

    Quality Customer Service with Solution-Oriented Approach,
    Quick Responce Times.

  • Each Search and Selection Service € 286,07 (+ VAT when due)
    always includes:
    • 30 Days of Advertisement
    • 30 CV's of Candidates matching your needs.
    • Guaranteed for the whole season.
    Instant activation with Debit/Credit Cards, PayPal, and more

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  • Italian Firms, Private customers, Firms from Extra Intrastat Countries = € 349 (VAT is due)
    Firms from EU Intrastat Countries = € 286,07 (in VAT exemption)

  • Allow for Applicants?

    We recommend it!

  • I Marittimi leggeranno la tua offerta è potranno proporsi per la posizione se le loro caratteristiche collimano con le tue esigenze, ciò non esclude che tu, nel frattempo, possa selezionare personale dalle pagine di ricerca.
    If your offer is interesting, your crew list will fill up quickly.

    The publication on of your job offer guarantees an excellent result but must always be authorized by the editorial staff, so wait to receive a control phone call.
        • interested parties apply for the position,
        • you review CVs and decide whether to accept or reject applications,
        • obviously in order to contact the Candidates you will first have to pay the service
        • (your payment also guarantees the Candidates on your seriousness)

    If your offer is clear and well detailed, you avoid wasting time or creating misunderstandings.

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  • I want to select the crew by myself

    Why not?

  • Advertising a Job Offer doesn't limit the possibility to proceed independently in the selection of Candidates. If you prefer, you can also choose not to publish the offer but you will need to browse the database by yourself to select your preferred Candidates.

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  • I received too many applications...

    good for you!

  • If a job offer is particularly interesting, you may receive dozens of applications. Rejecting the less interesting applicants shouldn't be a difficult task but you can of course also stop new people from applying anytime you wish.

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  • That's all folks!

    if you have any questions don't hesitate to call us

  • Phone / Messaging Apps: +39 3386337722

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