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Bosun Deck Officer Cook Moorer
Uncertain availability
Job offers received: 14
Passport: Italy
Salary 2500-3000

Personal data
Single 24 years, Non fumo
Resident in: Pozzuoli (NA) Italy
Sea experience
3 years 7 months
2 years 6 months on Seaman's Book
Seaman's book
1° category, Naples, Campania, italy, Officer Cadet
Certificates of Competency
RYA Yachtmaster (Offshore ≤150nm)
Deck Cadet Officer, Yacht Rating Certificate
IMO Courses / Certifications
STCW Basic Training (4 courses)
Pass. Ships Training
Awareness Famil. to Security
Ro/Ro Pass. Ships Training
I hold lifeguard assistant patent (MIP) since April 2016. RYA CEVNI certificate, RYA SRC certificate, RYA ICC certificate. RTF certificate
Education, languages
Nautical Institute
Italian Spanish English
Boat license
Yachtmaster Offshore ≤ 150 miles (2022)
Qualified for sailboats
Qualified for sailboats

Boardings carried out

  • Period: 05/2021 - 09/2023
    Unit: S/Y Cygnus of Anglesey, Oyster 82'
    Use, area: Private yacht
    Role held: Deckhand/Mate
    Main Tasks: Maintenance and cleaning of the boat and other deck duties and winter working maintenance
  • Period: 06/2020 - 04/2021
    Unit: M/Y Lady Rita, Azimut 51
    Use, area: Private yacht
    Role held: Deckhand
    Main Tasks: Maintenance of the yacht, keep watching on the bridge and at anchor and other deck duties.
  • Period: 10/2019 - 12/2019
    Unit: Bulk Carrier, LOA: 229.20 m
    Use, area: Commercial Liberty di Navigazione - V-Ships Route: Australia (Abbot Point), Vietnam (Go Gia and Cam Pha) and Singapore
    Role held: Deck Cadet Officer
    Main Tasks: Daily sounding (bilge, double bottom, TST), updating of Radar log book, anchor log book, GPS log book, keep watching on the bridge. During the discharging of cargo I monitored the unloading.

Personal info

  • I m a Deck Cadet Officer. I m sociable and hard working person and I m a good friend. I hope some day I can become a Captain. I attended Nautical School ITTL Duca degli Abruzzi in Naples I do swimming pool My hobby is ship modelling and I like to take photo with my camera. I like reading books and I like listen music.
    LAND EXPERIENCE Lady Rita – 51’ – Azimut Yacht, Position: Deckhand From 01/11/2020 to 19/04/2021 I worked on board of Lady Rita at SudCantieri shipyard, in Pozzuoli (Naples). I took care of maintenance works. S/Y Cygnus of Anglesey - 82' - Position: Deckhand/Mate From 17/01/2022 to 10/05/2022 I worked as deckhand for winter working maintenance.
    I manage to do any working shift, I m sociable and hard working person and I m a good friend I can work as part of a team.
    I can work as part of a team.
    IT: good command of Microsoft Office, Inventories, Watchkeeping on the bridge, Planning routes on ECDIS and nautical charts, Detect Radar targets, Cleaning and maintenance of the yacht.