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Uncertain availability
Job offers received: 7
Passport: Italy
Salary 2500-3000

Personal data
Single 35 years, Non fumo
Resident in: Vicenza (VI) Italy
Sea experience
Experiences to update
NO Seaman's book
Certificates of Competency
Education, languages
Master's Degree
Italian French English Spanish
IMO Courses / Certifications
First Aid
STCW 2010 Eng 1
NO Boat license
Not Qualified for sailboats

Boardings carried out

  • Period: 07/2018 - 07/2018
    Unit: M/Y Benetti classic 37
    Use, area: French Owner / Private M/Y
    Role held: 2nd Stewardess
    Main Tasks: Heads and beds, laundry, service, crew mess, storing.
  • Period: 06/2018 - 06/3018
    Unit: M/Y Leopard 34
    Use, area: Cheeky Tiger / Commercial
    Role held: 3rd Stewardess - Interpreter
    Main Tasks: Interpreter for Italian guests during their boat trip in SOF. Helped the Stewardesses with the service, heads and beds, laundry ironing, napkins, sewing and silver service.
  • Period: 06/2018 - 06/2018
    Unit: M/Y 30m Riva 100 Corsaro
    Use, area: French owner / Private M/Y
    Role held: Solo Stewardess
    Main Tasks: Solo Stewardess and Interpreter for the new owner boat in shipyard (La Spezia - Italy). Maiden voyage with the owners. Interior cleaning, provisioning, heads and beds, laundry. Exterior crew support as needed (Lines and Fenders). Interior assessment and o

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