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    Marinaio(a)/Mozzo Cuoco(a) Secondo Cuoco(a)
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    Esperienza in ristoranti
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  • Vaccinazione Covid-19 non dichiarata
  • Compenso richiesto: 3000-4000
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  • Lingue: Italiano Tedesco Inglese
  • Titolo di studio: Liceo Scientifico
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  • Navigazione: 10 mesi effettivi - 10 mesi a Libretto
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  • Corsi e Abilitazioni professionali
    STCW Basic Training (4 corsi)
    Awareness Famil. Sicurezza
    Open dive water
  • Patente entro 12 miglia rilasciata nel: 2021
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    hi, my name is nicola mele i'm 29 years old and i'm born in sardinia, my job is chef , a job that I learned following my passion and my ambition that led me to travel abroad immediately after finishing my studies. These experiences have given me the opportunity to relate to people of different cultures and languages ​​from mine. After a few years spent abroad I started to feel the lack of a home, especially as regards the activities related to the sea. So I went back to live in Sardinia and following my passion I attended a sailing course, took the open water diver license and spent some time going fishing as angler inshore. My ambition leads me to want to reconcile these activities or at least part of them in my working life, for this reason I decided to pursue a career as a seafarer, regulating myself through enrollment in seafarers and stcw training. Having never been on board, I cannot bring experience in the specific mansions on board, but my professionalism as a cook and the English language can certainly be useful, the passion for sailing and for navigation helps me to learn quickly. For these reasons I am a candidate as a cook but I am available for any type of job, the priority for me now is to start living this new experience and acquire as much as possible of everything related to pleasure boating in a professional sense.
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    my job on the ground is the cook, in a kitchen where one's work ends, the other's starts, I know what it means to work in a team.
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  • Periodo: 06/2020 - 10/2020
    Armatore: Commerciale
    Unità: 75 piedi a vela
    Qualifica di imbarco: Mozzo
    Mansioni e responsabilità: Cucina, aiuto in coperta