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  • Registrazione: 19/11/2019
    Ultima visita: 29/01/2021
  • Responsabile di macchina
  • Sposato/a 36 anni, Non fumo
    Residente a: Empoli (FI) Italia
    Passaporto: Filippine
  • Anche disponibile come:
    Marinaio(a)/Mozzo Ufficiale di macchina
  • Disponibilità incerta
  • Vaccinazione Covid-19 non dichiarata
  • Compenso richiesto: 2500-3000
  • Offerte di lavoro ricevute: 4
  • Lingue: Inglese Italiano
  • Titolo di studio: Laurea
  • NO Titoli / Certificazioni
  • Iscrizione in 2° categoria in Manila- NCR- Philippines come: Ufficiale di macchina
  • Navigazione: 6 anni effettivi - 6 anni a Libretto
  • Con esperienza di vela
  • Corsi e Abilitazioni professionali
    Awareness Famil. Sicurezza
    Ship Security Officer
    Add. Mezzi di Soccorso Veloci
    Medical care
    First Aid
    Antincendio Avanzato
  • Patente Vela/Motore SL rilasciata nel: 2010
  • Nessun allegato disponibile
  • Info aggiuntive
  • Note personali
    im a responsible person im patient and adaptable at any given situation i love sports specially cycling (xc & road racing) and basketball. i choose to be in italy to be with my wife leaving my successful career in philippine maritime industry because family is always my priority i wish to have a descent job here in italy to support my family and at the same time learn italian language, learn more knowledge about italian seafaring and at the same time share my knowledge learned from homecountry.. Seeing and experiencing the beautiful place of italy while riding my bike adds up to the enjoyment of staying here, to think of it that italians love cycling as well.. Always dreaming of being a Chief engineer in the coming years
  • Capacità e competenze
    i have recrived some awards from my sportslife within my home town
  • Capacità relazionali
    Adaptable means also at ease of getting along with others and work as a team
  • Capacità organizzative
    leadership is one of the key subjects of my career... being a good leader, you should always be a good follower.. lead them by setting an example..
  • Competenze tecniche
    computer literate can work on welding equipments arc and oxy acetylene can work on lathe machines
  • Imbarchi effettuati:
  • Periodo: may 2018- feb 2019
    Armatore: eastern mediterranean shipping / C/V San Giorgio
    Unità: container vessel, 12000kw, 30,000 gross tonnage
    Qualifica di imbarco: third engineer
    Mansioni e responsabilità: incharge of auxiliary engine, boiler, purifiers, pumps, motors, freshwater generator