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    deck cadet officer
    Navigation Officer
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    STCW Basic Training (4 corsi)
    Crowd Management Training
    Awareness Famil. Sicurezza
    Training Navi Ro/Ro
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    Good morning, I hope my email finds you well. I am Gennaro, i’m from Bacoli a little town near Naples that overlooks the sea. The beach, which is three kilometers away from my home, is where I spend moat ov my evenings of with my friends and my girlfriend. I would like to take a moment of your time to submit my resume in the event it could be of any interest for Shipboard employment opportunities. I studied five years at nautical school “Duca degli Abruzzi” in Naples, where I increased my passion for this job. I always wanted to become a Captain. Since I was a child, I had this passion that grew more and more during my childhood, until I was sure of my choice. When I talk about it with my friends or family, they don’t believe that I have the nerve to leave everything I have for months and months. Nevertheless, I have always been sure about my future and I’ve never been afraid of being away from my loved ones for a long time. This is the reason that gives me the right push to face any kind of situation on board, from the most dangerous to the most amusing. I look forward to joining your company and meeting new team mates.
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