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  • Registrazione: 01/05/2019
    Ultima visita: 26/10/2019
  • Steward(ess)
  • Single 24 anni, Non fumo
    Residente a: Palma de Mallorca Spagna
    Passaporto: Italia
  • Anche disponibile come:
    Marinaio(a)/Mozzo Steward(ess) Baby Sitter Cameriere(a)
  • Disponibilità incerta
  • Vaccinazione Covid-19 non dichiarata
  • Compenso richiesto: 2500-3000
  • Offerte di lavoro ricevute: 4
  • Lingue: Inglese Italiano
  • Titolo di studio: Scuola media
  • Titoli / Certificazioni (CoC):
    In precedenza: nessuno
  • Iscrizione in 1° categoria in South Africa come: Cameriere
  • Navigazione: 6 mesi effettivi
  • NO esperienza di vela
  • Corsi e Abilitazioni professionali
    STCW Basic Training (4 corsi)
    Food health and safety level 2 Stewardess course Interior introduction Introduction to basic food, wine, bartending,mixology
  • NO patente nautica
  • Nessun allegato disponibile
  • Info aggiuntive
  • Note personali
    I have done this recreationally. I have been very fortunate to live by the sea and be able to experience yachting with friends who own and build yachts.
  • Capacità e competenze
    I live at the sea, and have been on yachts most of my life. I love the sea and am a hard worker, adapt very easily to change, there is nothing I cannot do.
  • Capacità relazionali
    I am drama free, love to interact with people, normally take a supportive role as well as a leadership role. Work well in a team.
  • Capacità organizzative
    I can multitask very well, am very organized. I was a personal assistant to the owner and to his wife separately, together with the HR & finance manager as well. My administrative skills, function capability, hospitality background is above par. I am good at housekeeping and service.
  • Competenze tecniche
    Tying knots, assisting in the interior or exterior, but only recreationally and on course for now
  • Imbarchi effettuati:
  • Periodo: For the days outing
    Armatore: VISION YACHTS
    Qualifica di imbarco: recreationally
    Mansioni e responsabilità: assisting on the deck