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  • Registrazione: 20/01/2019
    Ultima visita: 31/01/2023
  • Marinaio(a)
  • Single 42 anni, Non fumo
    Residente a: Gothenburg Svezia
    Passaporto: Svezia
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    Ufficiale di Coperta Skipper unità a vela Marinaio(a)/Mozzo
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  • Vaccinazione Covid-19 non dichiarata
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  • Lingue: Spagnolo Italiano Svedese Inglese
  • Titolo di studio: Istituto Professionale Marinaro
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  • Iscrizione in 1° categoria in Sweden come: Mozzo
  • Navigazione: 6 mesi effettivi - 12 mesi a Libretto
  • NO esperienza di vela
  • Corsi e Abilitazioni professionali
    Awareness Famil. Sicurezza
    Ship Security Officer
    Radar A.R.P.A.
    Radar Obs./Plottin
    Medical care
    First Aid
    Antincendio Avanzato
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  • Note personali
    I'm a calm, social and well-disciplined person who likes the sea. I was born on a small Island in southern Chile. Already as a child I helped in the fishing boats and I have always wanted to work at sea on big ships. Then with the time onbaord gaining experience and step up to the bridge a beautiful day.In my spare time I usually carve small wooden figures and train both football and Capoeira. If you give me the opportunity to work with you, you would get a responsible person who is very committed and who has great interest and pride in his work.
  • Capacità e competenze
    I have studied Bachelor of Science in Nautical Science at Chalmers University in Gothenburg. While studying, I’ve done work training on tanker ,barge and research vessel and other type of vessels. It demands a lot of responsibility to work on this kind of vessels. I believe that i fit in well such an environment.
  • Capacità relazionali
    I been on board different kind of vessels and always team working, different nationalities and culture.
  • Imbarchi effettuati:
  • Periodo: M/S Juno, June 03, 2018-- September 14, 2018
    Armatore: Rederi AB Götakanal Private
    Unità: 31,45 x 6,68 x 2,72 m. Passenger Vessel
    Qualifica di imbarco: Deckhand certificates, experience on deck.
    Mansioni e responsabilità: Responsible for deck maintenance, engine , navigation and lookout.
  • Periodo: September 16, 2018 -- September 24, 2018
    Armatore: Commercial, Stena Line Ab
    Unità: Stena Danica, dimension: 152,33 x 28,04 x 6,31 m. Ferry Bruto :29289 ton kw: 25600
    Qualifica di imbarco: I have all certificates and experience to work on board.
    Mansioni e responsabilità: As deckhand you work with loading and unloading on car, where you also meet many of our passengers when they come on board, other duties will also involve maintenance work and security rounds / guard duty.