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    Residente a: Murcia Spagna
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    Esperienza in ristoranti
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  • Titolo di studio: Post Lauream
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    Training Navi Ro/Ro
    Awareness Famil. Sicurezza
    First Aid
    Sport science degree Food handling certification
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    Ana was born in Murcia, a city near of the coast on the South East of Spain. She grow up surrounded of sailing boats, fishermen, sailors and all the things. Associated because since she was little she was going to sail with her father and did different sail courses. She has been living in different countries, like England, Italy, Brazil and Costa Rica. At the age of 22, she started to work in watersport and leisure activities with children. Later, at 26 years old, she worked teaching at the university while studying for her PHD. She has taught different subjects such as watersports, practice, etc.
  • Capacità e competenze
    Occasionally she has worked several times as a waitress and assistant. Now, she has prepared to work in the maritime world since she likes nature so much. As she hadn’t experience working, she has been doing practice in catamaran (Cabo de Palos, Spain) to do her job properly. She is very attentive and sociable. Sure that, she manages to make the passengers an easy onboard experience, comfortable and unforgettable.
  • Capacità relazionali
    She is very devoted to her work, very professional and has great organizational skills. She loves her job and likes to be in contact with her other passions: sport, travelling and family. Ana speaks Spanish, English, Italian and a bit of Portuguese.
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  • Periodo: practice in catamaran
    Armatore: practice in catamaran
    Unità: practice in catamaran
    Qualifica di imbarco: practice in catamaran
    Mansioni e responsabilità: practice in catamaran