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  • Registered: 03/13/2020
    Last seen: 04/01/2020
  • Steward(ess)
  • Single 32 y.o. Non smoker
    Resident in: Santos (SP) Brazil
    Passport: Brazil
  • Available for additional task(s) as:
    Purser Steward(ess)
  • Uncertain availability
  • Covid-19 vaccination unknown
  • Job Offers Received: 1
  • Speaking: Portuguese Italian English Spanish
  • Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • NO Certificates of Competency
  • NO Seafarer's registration
  • Sailing Experiences: actual 9 years - 1 years 3 months on Seaman's Book
  • NOT qualified for sailboats
  • IMO Courses / Qualifications
  • NO Nautical Licence
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    Expiry Date: 04/19/2024
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  • Personal Notes
    My name is Graziela Rodrigues, 29 years old and I’m looking for an opportunity to join the yachts industry. I'm greenie on yachting, but I have + 2 years experience with luxury hospitality and I’ve been sailing around the world since 2011. I know that I don’t match all the requirements but I really would like to try and to show that I am able to perform all the duties. I'm very hard working person with positive attitude, well organized and great attention to details are one of my skills. I have a very strong hospitality background as I’ve been sailing since 2011 on cruise ships. My mother tongue is Portuguese however I do speak fluent English, Italian and Spanish. Please note that currently located in Brazil but I'm available to travel anywhere at anytime.
  • Competencies
    Luxury Hospitality
  • Soft skills
    work together with other nationalities, team work, team player, hard worker, well organised, attention to details, multi-task, going extra mile, leadership, professionalism, corteous, easy going, positive person
  • Organizational skills
    Administration, Leadership, Personal Activities, Event Coordinator, Decoration, etc
  • Technical skills
    Computer skills
  • Log of Boardings
  • Period: June 2019 - February 2020
    Owner: Scenic Eclipse(mega yacht)
    Unit: Mega Motor Yacht
    Employment: Receptionist
    Main Tasks: Front of House