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  • Registered: 11/12/2019
    Last seen: 06/11/2022
  • Sailor
  • Single 31 y.o. Non smoker
    Resident in: Sassari (SS) Italy
    Passport: Italy
  • Available for additional task(s) as:
    Captain Sailing boat Skipper Sailor Second Cook
  • Uncertain availability
  • Covid-19 vaccination unknown
  • Expected salary: Not declared
  • Job Offers Received: 5
  • Speaking: Italian English
  • Education: Technical School
  • NO Certificates of Competency
  • Registered in 1° category in Porto Torres as: Deckhand
  • Sailing Experiences: actual 6 months
    6 months on Seaman's Book
  • NOT qualified for sailboats
  • IMO Courses / Qualifications
    STCW Basic Training (4 courses)
    Radar Obs./Plottin
    Awareness Famil. to Security
    Yacht master offshore commercially - cyber security megayacht
  • Power Boat Coastal issued in: 2018
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  • Additional info
  • Personal Notes
    I am polite with a strong to work and with a great desire to grow professionally and learn new things every day, I like the sea and the sea life especially if shared with other positive crew members like me.
  • Competencies
    I have a good manual in mechanical works, cleaning, polishing, painting. A good predisposition for problem-solving with a positive and rational attitude.
  • Soft skills
    being within a team is essential to be able to work hard and well
  • Navigation experiences
  • Period: june 2016 to October 2018
    Owner: Private owner
    Unit: rib 25ft
    Employment: captain
    Main Tasks: management boat, booking, guests day cruise charter
  • Period: june 2019 to October 2019
    Owner: charter
    Unit: 40 ft catamaran
    Employment: day worker captain
    Main Tasks: captain, cook for max 20 people med menu, reception and management guests on board
  • Period: june 2019 to October 2019
    Owner: charter boat
    Unit: sailboat 50ft
    Employment: deckhand-stew cook assistant
    Main Tasks: clean and polish, prepare the boat for guests, stew general mansion