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  • Registered: 07/13/2019
    Last seen: 10/26/2019
  • Sailor
  • Married 34 y.o. Non smoker
    Resident in: Parede Portugal
    Passport: Portugal
  • Available for additional task(s) as:
    Captain Deck Officer Deck Cadet Bosun Sailing boat Skipper Sailor/Deckhand Chief Engineer Engine Officer Purser Steward(ess) Cook Second Cook Waiter(ess) Bartender Harbour Master
  • More skills:
    Experience in restaurants
  • Uncertain availability
  • Covid-19 vaccination unknown
  • Expected salary: 4000-5000
  • Job Offers Received: 0
  • Speaking: Portuguese English Spanish
  • Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • Certificates of Competency:
    RYA Yachtmaster Offshore ≤150nm
    Previously: Yachtmaster Offshore, Mate
  • NO Seafarer's registration
  • Sailing Experiences: actual 3 years
  • Qualified for sailboats
  • IMO Courses / Qualifications
    Awareness Famil. to Security
    First Aid
    Advanced Firefighting
  • Ship License issued in: 2019
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  • Personal Notes
    I am a keen sailor with a very pro-active personality, self-motivated, hands-on the job, a fast learner and always willing to get as much knowledge as possible to move my way up in the industry. With about 3 years of experience working on 30m+ sailing yachts and a life-time sailing experience recreationally and racing I am currently seeking for a Mate, Bosun or Deckhand position onboard a sailing or motor yacht where I can prove longevity and commitment, and in long-term work my way into the engine room. Prior to my yachting career I also have 8 years of experience in the luxury hotel management industry, making me a strong leader, with extremely strong skills in monthly, weekly, and daily activity planning, budgeting, task management, provisioning (with and without outsourced suppliers), standard operating procedures, safety and security management and also staff training management. I am an excellent team player with a meticulous eye for detail and extremely professional around guests.
  • Log of Boardings
  • Period: 09/2018 – 04/2019
    Owner: SY Tiziana - Commercial
    Unit: 36m Classic Ketch
    Employment: Deckhand
    Main Tasks: Refit
  • Period: 11/2017 - 04/2018
    Owner: SY Billy Budd - Private
    Unit: 34m Sloop
    Employment: Deckhand
    Main Tasks: Deckhand delivery crew and general deck, engine room and interior maintenance
  • Period: 10/2016 - 01/2017
    Owner: SY Tiziana - Commercial
    Unit: 36m Classic Ketch
    Employment: Deck
    Main Tasks: Refit