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  • Registered: 06/05/2019
    Last seen: 10/26/2019
  • Sailor
  • Single 25 y.o. Non smoker
    Resident in: Cape Town South Africa
    Passport: South Africa
  • Available for additional task(s) as:
    Sailor/Deckhand Steward(ess) Waiter(ess) Bartender
  • More skills:
    Experience in restaurants
  • Uncertain availability
  • Covid-19 vaccination unknown
  • Job Offers Received: 0
  • Speaking: English
  • Education: Secondary Education Certificate
  • NO Certificates of Competency
  • NO Seafarer's registration
  • Sailing Experiences: actual 2 months
  • NOT qualified for sailboats
  • IMO Courses / Qualifications
    STCW Basic Training (4 courses)
    Awareness Famil. to Security
    Personal Survival Techniques, ENG1, Personal Watercraft License, Powerboat Level 2 License, Proficiency in Designated Security Duties
  • Power Boat (unlimited) issued in: 2017
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  • Additional info
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  • Log of Boardings
  • Period: 17 May
    Owner: Private
    Unit: Motor yacht 54m
    Employment: STCW, ENG1, PDSD
    Main Tasks: Full washdown, Exterior detailing
  • Period: 24May - 31May 2018 & 16June - 21 June 2018
    Owner: Commercial
    Unit: Motor yacht
    Employment: STCW 95,ENG 1, PDSD
    Main Tasks: Silver service, cocktail making, tray service of canapés and drinks for guests onboard during festival periods
  • Period: 26July - 10 August 2018
    Owner: Commercial
    Unit: Motor yacht
    Employment: STCW 95, ENG 1 Medical, PDSD, Personal Watercraft, Power boat level 2
    Main Tasks: 2part teak treatment and final sealer coat, washdowns, polishing stainless, line and fender handling, silver service, prepaid cocktails, drove jetski and made sure it was in good condition, making sure vessel was in good condition, interior and exterior.