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    Resident in: Borso del Grappa (TV) Italy
    Passport: Italy
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    Experience in restaurants
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  • Education: Bachelor's Degree
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    Graduated at the Venice University Institute of Architecture in 1989, I worked as an architect, as a freelancer for 25 years, from 1990 to 2015. I have always cultivated the passion of cooking, in the home environment, performing both traditional family recipes (my grandmother has opened and managed a renowned restaurant from the 50s to 70s), which gives space to my creativity, cooking for family and friends. I have always loved the sea and sailing and so I used my passion for cooking to sail on a par during the summer months on sailing boats of various sizes with the task of cook. In 2015, I chose to revolutionize my life by closing down as an architect and deciding to devote myself to full-time cooking. From December 2015 to May 2016 I worked as a chef of Italian cuisine at Radici Market,a local tavern, cafeteria, gastronomy, and Italian food and wine shop located in an elegant area not far from Capitol Hill. Washington DC. On November 12th, 2016 I obtained the Professional qualification of a chef recognized and expendable throughout the European Union, classified according to an EQF3 level and including the authorization to administer food and drinks (ex Rec), at the Dieffe Professions Academy in Noventa Padovana. In the meantime I attended and still attend cooking classes and professional masters, in particular deepening the vegetarian, vegan and raw food, expanding my skills regarding food intolerances and a natural wellness kitchen. In particular I attended the professionalizing courses of "Il sesto sapore" and the professional course of Macromediterranean cuisine of "La grande via" of Dr. Franco Berrino and the Academy of Vegetable Haute Cuisine with Chef Simone Salvini. II am open and sociable, love to experiment and know new things and situations. I am very precise and reliable at work. I love traveling, for my background as an architect I have an aesthetic sense and organizational skills. I love cooking with healthy and natural ingredients, I am specialized in vegan and vegetarian cuisine and cooking for intolerances, but I love fish cooking and traditional Italian recipes that reinterpreted in a healthy way. I'll love to work in yachts as cook, preferably where my knowledge of healthy, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and of traditional Italian cuisine can be appreciated and enhanced.
  • Competencies
    I sailed sailing since childhood, in boats of family and friends. I have been boarded as an au pair cook in the summer months on sailboats of different sizes. From November to the end of the year 2018 I worked as a crew chef on the Lighea - London motor yacht anchored in the port of Monaco Montecarlo for the company Pleasure Yachts Ltd - British Virgin
  • Soft skills
    I have a predisposition and I love teamwork, I am precise and reliable, I am available to travel and work far from home for long periods
  • Organizational skills
    I have organizational skills and the ability to coordinate a team of people, also for my background as an architect, as well as aesthetic sense and artistic culture.
  • Technical skills
    I'm familiar with using computer, both Apple and Windows, Office programs, Internet, Cad
  • Sea experience
  • Period: nov/2018 - dic/2018
    Unit: LIGHEA LONDON, power yacht, 43 mt
    Intended use, area: PLEASURE YACHTS LTD., PRIVATE
    Role held: CREW CHEF
    Main Tasks: prepare meals for the crew