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  • Single 38 y.o. Non smoker
    Resident in: Longwood USA
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    Sailor/Deckhand Purser Steward(ess) Baby Sitter Charter Base Manager
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  • Covid-19 vaccination unknown
  • Expected salary: Not declared
  • Job Offers Received: 0
  • Speaking: English
  • Education: Bachelor's Degree
  • NO Certificates of Competency
  • NO Seafarer's registration
  • Sailing Experiences: actual 9 months - 3 months on Seaman's Book
  • NOT qualified for sailboats
  • IMO Courses / Qualifications
    STCW Basic Training (4 courses)
    Awareness Famil. to Security
  • NO Nautical Licence
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  • Personal Notes
    I'm the daughter of a sailor/racer. Our family had 2 separate sloops while I was growing up (<10M), which I designated myself as first mate to my father the Captain. We did light offshore cruising in and around Florida while I was growing up and going to school in Florida. Once I gained my bachelor's degree, I gained employment in the field of Advertising in New York City. I worked as an industry professional until my love of sailing came back to me in full force. My ambition is to build a career in the Yachting industry, either in Charter Management/Ownership or Yacht Sales. My short-term goals are to join a sailing vessel as crew to broaden my knowledge of the industry and grow my skills as a helmsman. I come from a very large family, where more recently I have experience caring for infants and toddlers (e.g. my niece and nephew). I love to cook, surf and practice yoga. I am an avid outdoors enthusiast and find myself near water as much as I can.
  • Competencies
    I worked as Deck/Stew/Purser onboard a 14M SY on charter in the Bahamas. Overall recorded seatime denotes <3 months; however, my time on board was from November 2016 - April 2017 in Nassau, while I was shore-based traveling to the Bahamas when needed from May- July 2017. The 45' Lagoon Catamaran allowed for large group day charters and small 4-5 pack week-long cruises. We were a crew of 2, so anything the Captain did not do, I picked up. On board, I helped launch a Code 0 (inclusive of setting up the rigging and taking it down for hurricane season), running a 10 ft. tender, docking/mooring, organizing galley and interiors, heavy interior cleaning, guest relations and excursion planning.
  • Soft skills
    I am both a self-starter and a team player. I work great independently, but I prefer the group setting for camaraderie and for learning/teaching new skills. I have experience in Food Services, however, the majority of my professional experience is in an office setting. This means I have great time management skills, accounting, customer service and phone skills, and have a very friendly and easy-going demeanor.
  • Organizational skills
    I have very heavy project management experience, as well as account management which leads into reconciliation of budgets, development of processes and procedures for operations, and creation of marketing campaigns.
  • Technical skills
    Very comfortable with both PC and Mac systems. Highly skilled in Microsoft office programs (e.g. PowerPoint, Excel, Word), as well as cloud-based server programs.
  • Navigation experiences
  • Period: November 2016 Nassau, Bahamas - July 2017 Nassau, Bahamas
    Owner: Bahamas Catamaran Charters Private/Commercial (Charter)
    Unit: 14M Lagoon Catamaran Sailing yacht
    Employment: Deckhand/Stew/Purser
    Main Tasks: Thorough interior cleaning and basic exterior cleaning, handling lines, docking and mooring procedures, set up code 0, radio operations, heavy tender operation, medium cooking and bartending, medium administrative duties (marketing, photography, and chart