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Pricelist of the services
Italy, Extra Intrastat Countries
and private Owners: = € 244 Iva Inc.
Firms from Intrastat Countries € 200 (VAT free)
Each Selection Service always includes:
• 30 Days Advertisement
• Contact up to 30 selected candidates from matching profiles.
1 profile research € 200 + VAT 22%
2 profiles researches € 300 + VAT 22%
3 profiles researches € 400 + VAT 22%
Instant activation with Credit Card Payment

The Advertisement/application system: how it works
Advertising on has a immediate impact amongst Seafarers.
Those who are interested will apply for the position.
The Owner views the profiles and decides to shortlist the candidates or to reject the applications.
The Advertisement/Application system gives immediate and rapid results. The offers should be clear and very detailed not to waste time or create complications.
The Owner, at the same time, is free to view all the candidate profile's that match the criteria and shorlist them for an interview.

Will my Offer be advertised?
Advertising vacancies is recommended but not mandatory, when required it is always anonymous. Seafarers may apply to the offer but they will only know the contact details of the Owner when he will decide to contact the Seafarer.

I want to select the crew by myself
Advertising an Offer doesn't limit the possibility to proceed independently in the profile selection. Those interested can still choose not to publish the offer and select the profiles themselves.

I received too many applications
When an Offer is very interesting you could receive hundreds of applications. However you have the right to reject the less interesting applications.

More info: +39 338 6337722