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    I'm a marine guy that love work with people or alone , i'm following a few couple that live on sailing boat and catamarans and i will love to do the same one day, i been in Australia for 3 years i hopened a restaurant on my own for two and half years .
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    I been sailing with my dad that work with lega navale italiana of desenzano, i was helping them with disable people on lasers boats. I also sail on a 13 meter benetau around elba island with a crew and i was working with sails and cooking for everyone. Me and my girlfriend rosita on summer 2019 has been working on a 16 meters dufour in Croazia island's as waitress and baby sitter her, me as co capitain and chef.
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    I been working in different kind of kitchen un my past and i undestand that team work or essential also of the capitain screms on you
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    My dad was a surveyor my mum a teacher so they teach me very well what rules and organization is. I own my restaurant do i know what bugets and food cost is.
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    I know how to use microsoft programs and ios, also navionics and autocad program
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  • Periodo: 05/2019
    Armatore: Private , flavio cariolaro
    Unità: Sailing yacht , 16 meters
    Qualifica di imbarco: Chef
    Mansioni e responsabilità: Cooking , co capitain