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    I am Francesco David, I am a Deck Officer, I am 23 years old and I came from Messina, Italy. I attended the Nautical Institute of my city and after graduation I continued my studies at a Higher Technical Institute for Mobility of People and Goods, altering periods between school and work on board ships and graduating with honors; subsequently obtaining the title of Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch. I spent all my cadet period on board of oil tanker ships and now I have an experience with the ranck of Third Officer on board of Oil Tanker Ships of eight months and now I hopefully that the yach companies or private are interest to a Deck Officer that want to grow professionally also in this sector. Regards, Francesco David
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    I do not have experience with very large Yach, I spent all my carrier on board Tanker Ship of 250 mtrs witg a GRT of approximately 65000 Tons, however during my youth i spent more of five summer seasons to help my family activity with small both (max 12 mtrs)
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    Fortunately during my carrier a past all my time on board working with other officers and crew of different nationalities, this permitted me to understand different ethnicities and to smooth the work during different situation and nationalities of people
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    In my present rank on board Tanker ship I am the delegate safety Officer so is frequently cooperate and work with other people and other nationalities, also I am the officer in charge of the end of month contability
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