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  • Registrazione: 13/02/2018
    Ultima visita: 26/10/2019
  • 1° Steward(ess)
  • Single 38 anni, Non fumo
    Residente a: Ventimiglia (IM) Italia
    Passaporto: Lituania
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    Marinaio(a)/Mozzo Capo Steward(ess) Steward(ess) Baby Sitter
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  • Vaccinazione Covid-19 non dichiarata
  • Compenso richiesto: Non dichiarato
  • Offerte di lavoro ricevute: 5
  • Lingue: Lettone Italiano Inglese
  • Titolo di studio: Laurea
  • NO Titoli / Certificazioni
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  • NO esperienza di vela
  • Corsi e Abilitazioni professionali
    Awareness Famil. Sicurezza
    First Aid
    Yoga Instructor, Photographer, Video Maker, Drone flying, Surfing, PADI open water, Surfing
  • NO patente nautica
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  • Note personali
    After successful 3 seasons in yachting industry I am looking to further my career as Stewardess (Solo/2nd/Chief). Alongside perfection, eye for detail, diplomacy (worked for very high profile owners and guests), dedication, positive attitude that I consider to be negotiable attributes in both work and personal life, I could also share my passions for healthy life style (I am certified Yoga Instructor), photography and water sports with the team, owners and guests on board.
  • Capacità e competenze
    computer skills, management skills
  • Capacità relazionali
    sociable, good communication skills, have a lot of experience working with and managing big teams of divers seniority, good conflict management skills, able to take directions as well as lead, good team player, positive outlook, enthusiastic
  • Capacità organizzative
    management skills - used to work as sales manager and managed a team of 5 executives, time management, prioritizing tasks, organizing activities and work load for myself and others, budgeting - wrote sales plans, quarterly and yearly forecast, organized product launches,
  • Competenze tecniche
    very good computer skills, I am also able to make and manage websites, worked with different picture and video editing programs.
  • Esperienze di navigazione
  • Periodo: July – August 2018
    Armatore: Private
    Unità: Motor Yacht 40M
    Qualifica di imbarco: 2nd Stewardess
    Mansioni e responsabilità: assisting chief stewardess, attending to guests needs (full time on board family of 12 people), creative table setups, house keeping, laundry, setting up a boat for the start of the season before guest arrival, working together with 3rd stewardess, leadin
  • Periodo: June – August 2017
    Armatore: Private/Charter
    Unità: Motor Yacht 32M
    Qualifica di imbarco: Solo Stewardess
    Mansioni e responsabilità: setting up the boat before the start of the season, provisioning for the crew and guests, inventory of all interior, creative table setups and decorations, assisting guests at all their needs, working closely with the chef to assure smooth and satisfactor
  • Periodo: Oct 2015 – March 2016
    Armatore: private/charter
    Unità: Motor Yacht 72M
    Qualifica di imbarco: Housekeeping/Service/Yoga Instructor/Photographer
    Mansioni e responsabilità: 5 start housekeeping & wardrobe maintenance, assisting chief stewardess and 2nd stewardess in silver service and theme dinners, laundry duties, crew area maintenance, helping to provision for guests and crew, watch-keeping during crossing, exterior-crew s