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Registrazione utente: 19/05/2020
Ultimo aggiornamento: 30/03/2021
Visite: 8204
Contatti attivati: 0
Passaporto Filippine

Scheda n. 58399
50 anni, nubile
non fumatrice
(Lucca LU  Italia)
Registrazione del: 19/05/2020 Visite: 8204
Ultimo aggiornamento: 30/03/2021 Contatti attivati: 0

Disponibile anche come Cuoco Aiuto Cuoco ove richiesto
Disponibilità improbabile L'utente 58399 NON risulta immediatamente disponibile
Titoli marittimi Nessun titolo marittimo posseduto
Gente di Mare Iscritta a , con qualifica: non dichiarata
Corsi professionali • Antincendio base • Antincendio avanzato • PSSR • Sopravvivenza e salvataggio • Elementary First Aid
Patente nautica non in possesso di patente nautica
Autodichiarazione Dichiaro che, per l'incarico da me richiesto, sono in possesso di abilitazioni, Corsi Professionali e libretto di navigazione come richiesto dalla legge per il charter (navigazione commerciale).
Navigazione 10 anni di navigazione effettiva /
10 anni di navigazione a libretto
  Ho navigato su: S/Y oltre 24mt   M/Y oltre 50mt  
Lingue parlate: Filippino   Inglese   Italiano  
Titolo di Studio: Ist. Professionale Alberghiero
Esperienza di Ristorazione: No
Compenso richiesto: 3000-4000 € mensili netti
Sono disponibili documenti allegati
eng1 (Certificato Medico) Scadenza: 07/03/2023
stcw95 (Corso professionale) Emissione: 06/02/2017
seamans book (Libretto di Navigazione) Scadenza: 29/01/2026
e Note personali
Note personali
would love to work and join your team if given a chance. I have an experience as a crewchef , cook/stew,2nd stew, and sole stewardess in a 25-60meter sailing and motoryacht both charter and private. As a crewchef,i have an experience for 3 1/2 yrs in 47meter motoryacht and did several times as a relief and daywork crew chef in a 50-60meter motoryach. I can cook italian,mediterrenean,french and asian cuisine. I also bake cakes, pastries and I also make pizza.I was cooking for 14-18 international crew, no filipinos on board just me. As a cook/stewardess, i have work both private and charter in a 25meter motoryacht for 3seasons, have cook for owners and charter guest, knows how todo silver service, laundry and do ironing. I also know how todo line and fender handling. I have an italian carta soggiorno, italian drivers license,food and hygiene level 2 and B1B2 visa. Im fluent in italian, english, speaks spanish moderately and basic french. Im very hardworking, efficient, highly motivated and have an attention to detail. Im always positive,polite,outgoing and believe in approaching every task with a smile and has a can do attitude. I was a temporary stew/cook in a 40m motoryacht from March 2018-July 5, 2018, unfortunately the boat was being sold. Did some shipyard relief job during the winter season, one in Overmarine shipyard in a 40meter with 9 international crew and other one in La Spezia Lusben Benetti shipyard in a 50 meter with 14 international crew Finished the season as seasonal cook/chef in M/Y Shyraga 29mtr private motoryacht from May2019 to October2019 with 6 crew and 8guest.Owners are french and as well as the crew. Im very much available and can start anytime. You can contact me at +393289810128. Thank you so much and hoping for your kind consideration.
Competenze Professionali
I started as a stewardess in 35mt motoryacht in2005 then 2006 i was as crew chef in47m private motoryacht with 12 intl crew until now im still working on boats as a chef in small boats
Competenze Relazionali
im very open to work with group of people. i really like to work as a team, for me its better to work together because its more fun
Competenze Tecniche
im computer literate, with silver service competent knowledge
Esperienze, imbarchi
PERIODO: May 2019-Oct 2019
ARMATORE: M/Y Shyraga private 29m
UNITA': motoryacht

PERIODO: October 2018-december 2018
ARMATORE: S/Y Silencio 45m private
UNITA': sail yacht

PERIODO: March 2017-July 2017
ARMATORE: M/Y Hemabejo 40m private
UNITA': power yacht

PERIODO: Novemebr 2017- January 2018
ARMATORE: M/Y Hampshire 50m
UNITA': power yacht