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Registrazione utente: 27/05/2019
Ultimo aggiornamento: 30/05/2019
Visite: 41
Contatti attivati: 7
Passaporto Spagna

Scheda n. 55864
34 anni, nubile
non fumatrice
(Madrid   Spagna)
Registrazione del: 27/05/2019 Visite: 41
Ultimo aggiornamento: 30/05/2019 Contatti attivati: 7

Disponibile anche come Deck Hand (mozzo) ove richiesto
Disponibilità improbabile L'utente 55864 NON risulta immediatamente disponibile
Titoli marittimi Nessun titolo marittimo posseduto
Gente di Mare Non iscritta alla Gente di Mare
Corsi professionali • Antincendio base • PSSR • Sopravvivenza e salvataggio • Elementary First Aid Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 ENG1 SWTC 95/2010
Patente nautica non in possesso di patente nautica
Autodichiarazione Dichiaro che, per l'incarico da me richiesto, sono in possesso di abilitazioni, Corsi Professionali e libretto di navigazione come richiesto dalla legge per il charter (navigazione commerciale).
Navigazione 1 mesi di navigazione effettiva / Nessun imbarco a libretto
  Ho navigato su: M/Y fino a 24mt  
Lingue parlate: Spagnolo   Inglese   Francese  
Titolo di Studio: Laurea
Esperienza di Ristorazione: Si
Compenso richiesto: 2000-2500 € mensili netti
e Note personali
Note personali
I'm Pati, a Spanish girl who?s been living in the UK for the past 7 years. I am ready for a new challenge and I'm looking to land my first job as a stewardess in motor yachts or sailing yachts. I would be happy to find day work, a temp position or better yet a permanent role. I am available for an immediate start anywhere in Europe. I am of an easy going and personable nature. I have a passion for acquiring new knowledge and skills and I am a very quick learner, never afraid of getting out of my comfort zone. My objective is to develop my career as a stewardess in either Motor Yachts or Sailing Yachts and becoming part of a great team to progress my knowledge of the ropes in this fascinating industry. Within one or two years I would like to climb the career ladder and become a Chief Stewardess.
Competenze Professionali
Over the last 12 years I've had vast experience in service, hospitality and housekeeping. Working mainly as an event hostess (team leader), bar manager and housekeeping manager. Through my work experience I have developed an outstanding level of customer service, excellent organisation and problem solving skills, and a strong eye and attention for detail. I love to be challenged and give a 100% to any task I undertake, always taking pride and pleasure in my work to provide top quality service.
Competenze Relazionali
I have worked within teams in most part of my career, from small to bigger teams, and both being a team player and a team leader. I am always motivated to learn so I am at ease with taking orders and accepting criticism and evaluation to keep bettering myself. I am also very comfortable working on my own as I have a strong initiative and a good capacity of making decisions and taking action.
Competenze Organizzative
I have experience managing staff and coordinating people, from training to scheduling and task assignation and overseeing the operations of a housekeeping department. I also have experience administering budgets and cash flow from my role as bar manager, as well as overseeing stock and managing orders.
Competenze Tecniche
- Food Safety and Hygiene in Catering Level 2 - Clean Spanish driving licence - BSc (Hons) International Business (2014-2017) - Advanced Computer proficiency in Microsoft Office
Esperienze, imbarchi
PERIODO: May 2019 for two weeks
ARMATORE: Alicante, Spain
UNITA': 80ft yacht
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: My duties have been assisting in the everyday operations of the interior department, including housekeeping, guest cabin care, laundry, food and beverage service, decorations and table setting

PERIODO: May 2019 - 2 weeks training period
UNITA': 80ft Motor yacht
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: Assisting in the everyday operations of the interior department, including housekeeping, guest cabin care, laundry, food and beverage service, decorations and table setting.