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Registrazione utente: 22/05/2019
Ultimo aggiornamento: 30/05/2019
Visite: 7446
Contatti attivati: 3
Passaporto Italia

Scheda n. 55806
29 anni, nubile
non fumatrice
(rosa VI  Italia)
Registrazione del: 22/05/2019 Visite: 7446
Ultimo aggiornamento: 30/05/2019 Contatti attivati: 3

Disponibile anche come Hostess Cameriere Aiuto Cuoco Pasticcere Interprete Segretaria/o Baby Sitter Istruttore di nuoto Guida turistica Team-builder ove richiesto
Disponibilità improbabile L'utente 55806 NON risulta immediatamente disponibile
Titoli marittimi Nessun titolo marittimo posseduto
Gente di Mare Non iscritta alla Gente di Mare
Corsi professionali • Sopravvivenza e salvataggio • First Aid
Patente nautica non in possesso di patente nautica
Autodichiarazione NON ho abilitazioni specifiche per la navigazione commerciale,
NON ho mai lavorato professionalmente in mare,
NON posseggo un libretto di navigazione.
Navigazione Durata esperienze effettiva di navigazione non dichiarata
Nessun imbarco a libretto
  Ho navigato su: S/Y oltre 12mt  
Lingue parlate: Italiano   Inglese   Spagnolo   Tedesco
Titolo di Studio: Post Lauream
Esperienza di Ristorazione: No
Compenso richiesto: non dichiarato
e Note personali
Note personali
My name is Valentina, I'm 27 and I come from Bassano del Grappa, a town in Veneto, north east of Italy. My professional experience is pretty broad: from office administration and sales to the organization of cultural events (lately in the wine sector) and socio-cultural project management (I was also managing as a freelance high tech project for startups applying for EU funds). I see my life path as enriched by many different experiences and adventures, each of them has the right time to start as well as to end. I have also been living and working in different countries such as Spain (also Canary Islands), Germany, Poland and India. I am an adventurous world traveler, I have just came back from Camino de Santiago in Spain and I am looking forward for my new adventure.
Competenze Professionali
I have a Bachelor Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and a Master in Cultural Diplomacy and Economics. I have been working in different fields as I am a very curious person always looking for new experiences and challenges from which to learn and grow. I have also good cooking skills and a passion for water sports as well as for working with kids. I am very good at teaching. I have experience at babysitting as well as at teaching kids (afterschool programs, homework assistance, volleyball coach) and at teaching languages to adults.
Competenze Relazionali
I am a team player, I love working in teams and cooperating with other people. I am often positive and enthusiastic and I put all my love in everything I do trying to inspire also the people around me. I have a sunny and involving attitude, I am full of energy and I create a good atmosphere around me.
Competenze Organizzative
I have a broad administration and organization experiences. I have been working as administration/sales officer for some years in the family company. Moreover I have been working as project manager as well as event organizer. Therefore I can say I have good organizational skills, I know how to manage projects and how to coordinate their budget from start to end.
Competenze Tecniche
good computer skills administration/sales skills project management languages knowledge
Esperienze, imbarchi
PERIODO: 06/2017 - 08/2017
ARMATORE: armatore privato
UNITA': 18 metri motore
TIPO DI IMPIEGO: aiuto cuoco, hostess, tuttofare
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: aiuto cuoco, hostess, tuttofare