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Registrazione utente: 03/11/2018
Ultimo aggiornamento: 03/11/2018
Visite: 7461
Contatti attivati: 0
Chief Hostess
Passaporto Malta

Scheda n. 54066
58 anni, coniugata
non fumatrice
(77585224   Malta)
Registrazione del: 03/11/2018 Visite: 7461
Ultimo aggiornamento: 03/11/2018 Contatti attivati: 0

Disponibile anche come Chief Hostess Cuoco Capobase charter ove richiesto
Disponibilità improbabile L'utente 54066 NON risulta immediatamente disponibile
Disponibilità in team
Disponibile anche in coppia/team con
con Husband, Captain
Titoli marittimi Nessun titolo marittimo posseduto
Gente di Mare Non iscritta alla Gente di Mare
Corsi professionali • Antincendio base • PSSR • Sopravvivenza e salvataggio • First Aid Ribmaster commercial
Patente nautica patente motore S/L rilasciata nel 2015
Autodichiarazione Sono disponibile solo per unità private: ho già svolto incarichi professionali equivalenti a quello per cui mi propongo su unità armatoriali (non charter).
Navigazione 5 anni di navigazione effettiva /
5 anni di navigazione a libretto
  Ho navigato su: Navi commerciali  
Lingue parlate: Inglese  
Titolo di Studio: Diploma di istruzione secondaria
Esperienza di Ristorazione: No
Compenso richiesto: non dichiarato
e Note personali
Note personali
I absolutely love my job and the yachting industry and am completely comfortable working extended hours and unusual cycles. Highly organised and passionate about customer care, I am loyal and hardworking. Well presented, honest and dedicated, I have excellent communication skills. English is my first language. I?m an excellent cook, paying particular attention to healthy and seasonal ingredients and special dietary requirements. Having entertained many high profile guests on board, I respect and understand the need for privacy and their high expectations. I hold a British passport, am a non-smoker and only very occasionally enjoy a glass of wine. Very experienced with my teammate and husband, our ideal position would be to advance onto a bigger vessel, as Captain and Stew/Cook or Chief Stewardess team, for a private family or a charter boat. Job stability and a long-term arrangement where we would be considered an asset to the team are important to us.
Competenze Professionali
Boating has always been my hobby and I have worked professionally in the industry for just over five years. Prior to that I worked for an airline as Cabin Crew.
Competenze Relazionali
I really enjoy a good team spirit and thrive on taking care of my guests, ensuring a 5* service
Competenze Organizzative
I'm highly organised, keeping records and accounts and love a new project!
Competenze Tecniche
I have enough technical knowledge to undertake my job efficiently.
Esperienze, imbarchi
PERIODO: January 2014
ARMATORE: Commercial
UNITA': Power 66 foot Yacht Charter
TIPO DI IMPIEGO: STCW ENG1 Competent crew Cook
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: Chief Stewardess/ cook/ deck duties

PERIODO: May 2014 to October 2014
UNITA': Power 77 foot, yacht Family boat
TIPO DI IMPIEGO: STCW, ENG1 Cook, Competent crew
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: Stewardess, cook, deckhand