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Registrazione utente: 04/04/2018
Ultimo aggiornamento: 06/04/2018
Visite: 8071
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Ufficiale di Macchina
Passaporto Italia

Scheda n. 52363
43 anni, celibe,
non fumatore
(Lido di camaiore LU  Italia)
Registrazione del: 04/04/2018 Visite: 8071
Ultimo aggiornamento: 06/04/2018 Contatti attivati: 0

Disponibile anche come Direttore di macchina Perito navale Perito trasporti marittimi ove richiesto
Disponibilità improbabile L'utente 52363 NON risulta immediatamente disponibile
Titoli marittimi • Direttore Macchina • Chief Engineer
Gente di Mare Iscritto a Viareggio (LU) Italy, in 1a categoria con qualifica: Direttore di macchina
Corsi professionali • Antincendio base • Antincendio avanzato • PSSR • Sopravvivenza e salvataggio • First Aid • MAMS • Crowd Management Training Engine Resource Management, phase 1 and phase 2, course attended at CSMART in Almere, Netherland Human Element Leadership and Management at the operational level. High Voltage technology Management and Operational Level Training in advanced fire
Patente nautica non in possesso di patente nautica
Autodichiarazione Dichiaro che, per l'incarico da me richiesto, sono in possesso di abilitazioni, Corsi Professionali e libretto di navigazione come richiesto dalla legge per il charter (navigazione commerciale).
Navigazione 12 anni di navigazione effettiva /
12 anni di navigazione a libretto
  Ho navigato su: Navi commerciali   Navi crociera  
Lingue parlate: Italiano   Inglese   Spagnolo
Titolo di Studio: Ist. Professionale Marinaro
Esperienza di Ristorazione: No
Compenso richiesto: non dichiarato
e Note personali
Note personali
I am a quiet person, in love with life and very attached to my family & friends. My ambition is obviously to become Chief Engineer or eventually to find a job in some of the Shipyard near by my home town. I love traveling, meet new people and I do follow contemporary art.
Competenze Professionali
I have good communication and administration skills, although English is my second language, I speak fluently and I can communicate well on paper as well as verbally. Working hard and efficiently with team members of all nationalities are some of my strengths that I have built over the years, along with my determination to learn, grow and adapt to fulfill a vast variety of positions where needed.
Esperienze, imbarchi
PERIODO: From 29.October.1999 to 05.September.2002
ARMATORE: Carbofin - (Commercial)
UNITA': Gas carriers
TIPO DI IMPIEGO: 18 months as Engine Cadet; one contract as 3rd Engineer and one contract as 2nd Engineer
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: During my period as cadet, I was mainly working together with 1st Engineer and 2nd Engineer, trying to learn as much as i could . Once i got the OOW qualification, I joined as 3rd Engineer and then I did one contract as 2nd where i was responsible togeth

PERIODO: From 15-November-2002 until 10-September-2005:
ARMATORE: Carnival Cruise Line. (Passenger Ship)
UNITA': Cruise ships from 70000 Gross Tonnage to 120000 Gross Tonnage
TIPO DI IMPIEGO: 3rd Engineer
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: Junior Watch keeper

PERIODO: From 2006 until current date
ARMATORE: Princess and P&O Cruises - Holland America Group
UNITA': Passenger Ships
TIPO DI IMPIEGO: - Senior First Engineer since 2017 - 1st Engineer Officer from 2011 to 2016 - Occupational Safety and Environmental Officer - 2nd Engineer Hotel ? Deck & Safety - 2nd Engineer (Senior Watch keeper) - 3rd Engineer (Junior Officer of the watch)
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: As Senior 1st Engineer, my main responsibility is to manage all Engine Machinery and equipment maintenance, verifying compliance with Flag State Administration, Classification Society and the Company Policies and procedures at all times.