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Registrazione utente: 03/04/2018
Ultimo aggiornamento: 17/09/2020
Visite: 41
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Cuoco professionista
Passaporto Italia

Scheda n. 52342
53 anni, nubile
non fumatrice
(Scafati SA  Italia)
Registrazione del: 03/04/2018 Visite: 41
Ultimo aggiornamento: 17/09/2020 Contatti attivati: 9

Disponibile anche come Cuoco ove richiesto
Disponibilità improbabile L'utente 52342 NON risulta immediatamente disponibile
Titoli marittimi Nessun titolo marittimo posseduto
Gente di Mare Iscritta a Raffaela, in 2a categoria con qualifica: Capo cuoco/Chef
Corsi professionali • Antincendio base • PSSR • Sopravvivenza e salvataggio • Elementary First Aid • Familiarizzazione alla Sicurezza Security duties. Professional Course Chefs from Gualtiero Marchesi Academy. Milan, Italy. Festive Food, Simply Bread Make, Bake and Decorative. Westminster College. London, UK. CIEH Level 2 Award in Food Safety. HACCP European (Hazard-Analysis and C
Patente nautica non in possesso di patente nautica
Autodichiarazione Dichiaro che, per l'incarico da me richiesto, sono in possesso di abilitazioni, Corsi Professionali e libretto di navigazione come richiesto dalla legge per il charter (navigazione commerciale).
Navigazione 9 mesi di navigazione effettiva /
7 mesi di navigazione a libretto
  Ho navigato su: M/Y oltre 24mt   Navi commerciali  
Lingue parlate: Italiano   Inglese  
Titolo di Studio: Ist. Professionale
Esperienza di Ristorazione: Si
Compenso richiesto: non dichiarato
e Note personali
Note personali
I've worked principally for families as private chef, and for restaurants. I've creative and manual skills, organizational sense and professionality. Catering experience, gourmet cooking and various types of international cuisine. I am easy and reliable person, hard-working, self-motivated and a confident with also management experience. Capable to work on my own initiative at all times. After acquired the IMO certifications I've started to work on the Cruise Rome and then on the vessel Signora del Vento as chef. I did volunteering for different charity organizations in Italy and Congo Brazzaville, Africa, which I am partner of Italian Onlus Foundation "Amici dei bambini e delle mamme di Makoua". Available to travel worldwide. English National Insurance available. Excellent references and cookery portfolios upon request.
Competenze Professionali
Before to become a cook I was a designer in Milano, then, from 2009, starting new experiences I?ve decided to work as cook and consequently doing differents course as cook. Working in the family I learned how to manage various roles and satisfy various needs like planning dinner, parties and buffet. I used to cook principally Mediterranean cuisine as well as International with attention to food preparation with low carb, vegetarian and vegan, gluten and lactose free diet. Gourmet, pastry and baking, homemade food. Great team worker, to organize and coordinate activities, decision making and problem solving. Budget management, search and contact local shops. Adaptability and flexibility. Lovely childcare approach.
Competenze Relazionali
I've worked with a team of 12 in the kitchen ship, with the head chef about patisserie, reasturant, self-service and party celebration of max 1200 people. I've worked also with crew cook of 140 people.
Competenze Organizzative
About the maritime work my experience's inherent in the kitchen. Especially during the organize travel and party. Planning shopping and menu.
Esperienze, imbarchi
PERIODO: 12/2017 - 03/2018
ARMATORE: Grimaldi euromed spa
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: Preparation about row vegetables, general help for restaurant and self-service including patisserie, plus daily crew cooking for 150 people. Events preparation max 1.200 people.

PERIODO: 08/2018-09-2018
ARMATORE: RebeccaV/Yacht (private)
UNITA': Motor Yacht 26,mt
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: Kitchen responsible, cook for the owners and guest (7 children and 8 adults), plus crew of four. Stock control, shopping).

PERIODO: 06/2018-07/2018
ARMATORE: Signora del vento
UNITA': Charter Vessel 85 mt.
TIPO DI IMPIEGO: Chef kitchen responsible
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: Menu planning, stock refrigerators, temperature control, crew cook trainer, new menu planning. Organization and preparation buffet, weekly menu till 100 people.

PERIODO: 4/19-05/19
ARMATORE: MY SANDS (Agrigest, commercial)
UNITA': Power yacht, 36Mt, charter.
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: Main rule preparations for yacht shows to Nice (FR) and Viareggio (IT). Crew and owners chef.

PERIODO: June/2019 - July 30
ARMATORE: Commercial
UNITA': M/Y Destiny
TIPO DI IMPIEGO: Freelance Sole Chef charter.
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: Freelance Sole Chef for charter of 12 guest plus crew of 4 including chef. Provisioning, daily menus based on fish and meat, baking, patisserie, aperitif. Diet for gluten free guest and one child. Mediterranean navigation: Sardinia - France.

PERIODO: 08/2019
ARMATORE: Commercial
UNITA': M/Y Anything Goes V
PRINCIPALI MANSIONI: Chef for guest and crew of 6.