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Domande frequenti

Is registration free for Sailors?
Yes it is, and will be free for good.

Are my Name and my contact information visible online?
No, we will never show your personal Data; we will submit Your profile directly to our clients whenever you show interest in a position posted; at the same time we'll submit you the offer you' ve applied for, together with the Owner's personal contact information.

Who will contact me?
You will be shortlisted and contacted just by the Owners who are searching for Crew; you will receive an email with the Owner's contact informations and description.

How can i apply to job offers?
You could apply just when your profile will match the basic position criteria required by the Owner.
The system will be submitting your application to the Owner who will confirm his interest and decide if activating the contact.
In this case you will receive the Owner's Personal Data and Contact Information.

I received an E-mail with Owner's personal data and contact Information of the Employer what should I do?
You can wait for the Owner to contact you or you can contact him directly. Our service ends when the contact between the parties is established.

Why some photos appear on the cover?
The page invokes the images of last Users who registered or modified their profile.

I registered my Data but my profile has not been published.
In fact we don't post incomplete profiles, or profiles unclear or missing of Yachting/Marine experiences.
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