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  • Registered: 10/17/2019
    Last seen: 08/14/2022
  • Shipmaster
  • Married 31 y.o. Non smoker
    Resident in: Ventimiglia (IM) Italy
    Passport: Italy
  • Also available as:
    Captain Deck Officer Pilot
  • Uncertain availability
  • Covid-19 vaccination unknown
  • Certificates of Competency:
    Conduttore I.D.A.N. - Yachts ≤ 24 m Comandante del diporto - Yachts 500-3000 GT II/2 CoC Master ≥3000gt 1Cl. - - Comandante Diporto, Conduttore Imbarcazioni da Diporto adibite al noleggio, Sea Captain
  • Registered in 1° category in Napoli as: Master
  • Qualified for commercial Yachts
  • Qualified for sailboats
  • Sailing Experiences: 7 years - 10 years on Seaman's Book
  • Speaking: Italian English Spanish
  • IMO Courses / Qualifications
    Awareness Famil. to Security
    Crowd Management Training
    Bridge Team Work
    Ship Security Officer
    Radar A.R.P.A.
    Radar Obs./Plottin
    Fast Rescue Boats Training
    Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (Not Fast)
    Medical care
    First Aid
    Advanced Firefighting
    STCW Basic Training (4 courses)
    Master Unlimited
  • Yachts License issued in: 2017
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  • Personal Notes
    Originally grown up in Procida, place with long lasting maritime history and born in a family where maritime business has been the main stream for decades. My career has been mostly on cruise ships, travelling all over the world even to remote locations where larger cruise lines do not operate. Working as officer, with specific duties according to the rank, I was in charge of navigation, port and anchor watch as well as Safety and Environmental training, drills and daily checks. I was also responsible for ship stability and loading condition according to each situation. I was also in charge of route planning and timetables future cruises and overall managing a team made up of 6 watch-keepers ( officer and sailors ) and their respective duties. Proficient driving skills in Lifeboat/Tender/RIB ( either outboard or jet drive) and willing to step up or down in any situation arise. Always very flexible to step outside my working position and working well with others like a member of a big family. If you are looking for a strongly motivated person eager to settle himself and pursue a long term careers within the industry you found the right choice.
  • Competencies
    I?ve covered most of the world but my best knowledge of sea area are Mediterranean,Caribbean, west coast of USA, ALASKA, Australia and New Zealand.
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  • Log of Boardings
  • Period: Novembre 2020 ed attualmente impiegato
    Owner: commerciale
    Unit: 50 mtr MY La Pellegrina 1 498 GT - Couach
    Employment: primo ufficiale / Comandate
    Main Tasks: M/Y La Pellegrina 1 is a 50 mtr charter yacht built in 2012 by Couach. I’ve joined in Monaco as Chief Officer in November 2020 ready for winter works for the upcoming summer 2021. We spent summer over Cote d’Azur, Sardinia, Corse, Capri and Amalfi Coast. After attending the Monaco Yacht Show 2021 I was promoted to Captain. We are currently lying in Sanremo , about to undertake 10-years survey with Class and some more technical refitting for the upcoming season.