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Registered on: 02/02/2019
Last update: 15/02/2019
Visits: 55
Contacts: 1
Passport Italy

Profile n. 54538
30 years, single,
non smoker
(Portoscuso CI  Italy)
Registered on: 02/02/2019 Visits: 55
Last update: 15/02/2019 Contacts: 1

Also available as • Deckhand • Engine Officer • Engine Cadet • Wiper - if required
Uncertain availability Candidate 54538 may not be immediately available
Availability in team
Also available in team with
(check profile colleghi)
Certificate of competency • Reefer Chief Engineer
Seafarer's Registration Registered in cagliari, in 1 Category Qualification: Able Seafarer Engine
Professional Courses • Basic Firefighting • Advanced Firefighting • PSSR • Survival and Rescue • Elementary First Aid • RO/RO Training security duties, marinaio motorista, motorista abilitato, capo barca al traffico locale. Patente nautica entro 12.
Nautical Licence Nautical licence within 12 Miles Released 2011
Statement I have Yachting Experience and I have proven Yachting experience and I declare that, for the job I'm applying for I hold Licences, Professional Courses and Seaman book.
Experience 3 years , 5 month yachting/marine Experience
3 Years , 5 months proven Yachting/ Marine experience on Seaman Book
  Yachting/marine Experience: Commercial Vessels   Fishing Vessel  
Spoken Languages: Italian  English 
Education: Naval Technical School
Food and Beverage experience: Yes
Expected Salary: Not decleared
Additional personal info and skills Personal Notes
Sono una persona tranquilla, ho sempre lavorato in mare, sto cercando un lavoro pił soddisfacente.
lavori marinareschi, carpenteria "rimessaggio barche"
Soft skills
Ho quasi sempre lavorato in squadra per velocizzare e ottimizzare i lavori.
Number of boardings
Period: 12/06/2012 - 6/10/2012
Owner: Italtech
Unit: mercantile cargo
Employment: Allievo macchinista
Main Tasks:

Period: 04/03/2014 - 16/07/2014
Owner: Tonnare sulcitane
Unit: vascello
Employment: marinaio
Main Tasks:

Period: 04/03/2015 - 11/08/2015
Owner: Tonnare sulcitane
Unit: Vascello
Employment: Marinaio
Main Tasks:

Period: 12/09/2015 -23/01/2016
Owner: Albatros srl
Unit: Motopeschereccio
Employment: marinaio
Main Tasks:

Period: '01/03/2016 - 27/07/2016
Owner: tonnare sulcitane
Unit: vascello
Employment: marinaio
Main Tasks:

Period: 01/03/2017 - 21/08/2017
Owner: tonnare sulcitane
Unit: vascello
Employment: marinaio
Main Tasks:

Period: 16/01/2018 - ?.
Owner: tonnare sulcitane
Unit: peschereccio
Employment: motorista
Main Tasks: