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Registered on: 27/09/2017
Last update: 10/05/2021
Visits: 7525
Contacts: 0
Deck Officer
Passport Italy

Profile n. 51090
60 years, married
non smoker
(Pavia PV  Italy)
Registered on: 27/09/2017 Visits: 7525
Last update: 10/05/2021 Contacts: 0

Also available as • Deck Officer • Patented Diver - if required
Uncertain availability Candidate 51090 may not be immediately available
Certificate of competency • Ufficiale di Navigazione del Diporto • Commercial Yachts' Captain • Yachtmaster Ocean • Yachtmaster Offshore • Master of Yachts 200 Tons OOW 500 gt
Seafarer's Registration Registered in Genoa/ Genoa/Italy, in 1 Category Qualification: Not Decleared
Professional Courses • Basic Firefighting • Advanced Firefighting • PSSR • Survival and Rescue • Elementary First Aid • Medical care • GMDSS • Familiarizzazione alla Sicurezza proficiency in designated security duties, proficiency security awareness, padi open water
Nautical Licence Power/ Sail Boats No limits License Released 1996
Statement I have Yachting Experience and I have proven Yachting experience and I declare that, for the job I'm applying for I hold Licences, Professional Courses and Seaman book.
Experience 15 years yachting/marine Experience
3 Years , 4 months proven Yachting/ Marine experience on Seaman Book
  Yachting/marine Experience: S/Y 24M +   M/Y 24M +   Catamarans  
Spoken Languages: Italian  English  Spanish  Francese
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Food and Beverage experience: No
Expected Salary: 5000-6000 € net salary per month
Attached documents are available
Antincendio avanzato (Professional Course) Expiry Date: 24/04/2024
Anticendio base (Professional Course) Expiry Date: 24/04/2024
elementary first aid (Professional Course) Expiry Date: 24/04/2024
Sicurezza e responsabilitÓ (Professional Course) Expiry Date: 24/04/2024
Sopravvivenza e salvataggio (Professional Course) Expiry Date: 24/04/2024
Master 200 gt (IMO Title) Expiry Date: 28/03/2024
Additional personal info and skills Personal Notes
Others say that I'm an iperactive man, I think to love things well done. I like works accomplished in the right way, following the use of brain much more than arms?strenght, having care to details as well
I started my career in the 80?s working in a sail school where I learned to do whatever should must be done, brushing sanding painting repairing fiberglass splicing rupes and sheets and obviously sailing.
Soft skills
Few years later sailschool experience and some one man gig onto private sail boats I got a job on 135 ft classic sail bot as first mate and there I understood the importance to work in team to reach a common goal with the best score. To be honest it was hard at the beginning, but a great captain taught me to get a 360 vision of deck to coordinate the rest of the crew safely and quickly
Organizational skills
Unfortunately time passes and we grow in our experiences I got some gigs as captain up to 25 my, learning to manage the boats needs keeping reports of the works done, expenses made, keeping the budget under control, planning the future ones, considering the crew?s requests and their needs
Technical skills
My first approach with new tecnologies started in the 90s using an ibm pc to get some order in my files, then I learned office by Microsoft to keep my expenses recorded in a better way, but actually I use just Apple hardware. Actually I've no problems with any bridge integrated instruments as radar, plotter, eco etc.
Number of boardings
Period: August 16 / September 16
Owner: Private
Unit: Cat 64 ft
Employment: Co skipper
Main Tasks: Driving and managing the vessel along her delivery from Miami to Los Angeles, watch keeping, passage planning, paper work( log book) mooring and refueling operations

Period: November 2016/ now
Owner: Private
Unit: M/Y 100 ft
Employment: First mate
Main Tasks: All deck duties, watch keeping, safe equipments duties, passage planning, tender driver, anchorage and mooring, water toys duties