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Registered on: 26/05/2017
Last update: 14/05/2019
Visits: 1050
Contacts: 0
Deck Officer
Passport Italy

Profile n. 49952
29 years, single,
non smoker
(Formia LT  Italy)
Registered on: 26/05/2017 Visits: 1050
Last update: 14/05/2019 Contacts: 0

Also available as • Deck Officer • Deck Cadet • Deckhand - if required
Uncertain availability Candidate 49952 may not be immediately available
Certificate of competency • Sea Captain Cadet • Navigation Officer • Ufficiale di Navigazione del Diporto * Master on Yacht less than 79 ft. (24m) in commercial use
Seafarer's Registration Registered in Gaeta/Lazio/Italy, in 1 Category Qualification: Officer
Professional Courses • Basic Firefighting • Advanced Firefighting • PSSR • Survival and Rescue • Elementary First Aid • First Aid • Radar • ARPA • GMDSS • MAMS • Familiarizzazione alla Sicurezza • RO/RO Training • Non RO/RO Training • Crowd Management Training Others professional courses: -Passenger Ships Training Course(All inclused: RORO,Passenger & Crowd Management) -ECDIS basic and type specific Maris 900 MK -BRM -Leadership and Teamwork(Operational Level) -Refresher course Basic Safety Trainingas -
Nautical Licence Yachts License Released 2017
Statement I have Yachting Experience and I have proven Yachting experience and I declare that, for the job I'm applying for I hold Licences, Professional Courses and Seaman book.
Experience 12 Months of yachting/marine experience
12 months of proven yachting/Marine Experience on Seaman Book
  Yachting/marine Experience: Commercial Vessels  
Spoken Languages: Italian  English  Inglese
Education: Naval Technical School
Food and Beverage experience: No
Expected Salary: 1500-2000 € net salary per month
Additional personal info and skills Personal Notes
I am 24 years old, I am a new Deck officer searching for a new embark. I live in Formia a small city on the inner coast of Gaeta Gulf, in the Lazio Region, Italy. I studied in the Nautical Istitute of Gaeta, and after diploma, I followed the sea life. I hold two working experiences, during this experiences I could understood the cultures, the uses and customs of the various people with which I had the pleasure of talking. I am a positive and constructive worker, ambitious to perform my capabilities in a modern and winning environment. My target is to became a Captain / Master on bord a Merchant Ship and/or Yacht.
Management of a Facebook group of 1600 members around. Good educational experience in Catholic action and in maritime affiliations. Great teamwork in web projects and / or event scheduling. Good experience in managing books and archives of various kinds.
Soft skills
Good ability to work in a group in different of situations, under stress and where it is essential to collaboration between different religion, cultures, use and customs both with the other crew members and with the passengers, government officers and local authorities, agents, ship-chandler and so on.
Organizational skills
Good skills in organizational and management regarding safety, general on-board maintenance, management of archives, inventories and documentations respecting of duties assigned and the agreed times.
Technical skills
Good skills in use of: - Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat; - Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint)
Number of boardings
Period: 07/07/2013 - 20/12/2013
Owner: Rizzo Bottiglieri De Carlini Armatori S.p.a. (Shipping) Vessel name= Adele Marina Rizzo
Unit: Type of Vessel = Oil Tanker ship - LOA=243m - B=42m - GT= 60185 T KW=13570
Employment: Deck Cadet
Main Tasks:

Period: 06/04/2014 - 04/11/2014
Owner: Giuseppe Bottiglieri Shipping Company S.p.a. (Shipping) Vessel name= Bottiglieri Giorgio Avino
Unit: Type of vessel= Bulk Carrier - LOA=229.2m - B=38m GT=51255 T - KW=13560
Employment: Deck Cadet
Main Tasks:

Period: 21/12/2017 - 26/05/2018
Owner: Navigazione Montanari S.p.A. Vessel: Valle di Granada
Unit: Type of Vessel = Oil Chemical Tanker ship - LOA=176m - B=31m - GT= 25063 T KW=8580
Employment: Deck Cadet
Main Tasks: