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Registered on: 02/04/2017
Last update:
Visits: 1059
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Passport Italy

Profile n. 49378
51 years, single,
(Napoli NA  Italy)
Registered on: 02/04/2017 Visits: 1059
Last update: Contacts: 0
Uncertain availability Candidate 49378 may not be immediately available
Certificate of competency No Certificate of competency
Seafarer's Registration Registered in Napoli, in 2 Category Qualification: Cabin-Boy
Professional Courses • Basic Firefighting • Survival and Rescue • MAMS • Familiarizzazione alla Sicurezza • RO/RO Training
Nautical Licence No Nautical Licence
Statement I have Yachting Experience and I have proven Yachting experience and I declare that, for the job I'm applying for I hold Licences, Professional Courses and Seaman book.
Experience 3 years , 4 month yachting/marine Experience
7 Years proven Yachting/ Marine experience on Seaman Book
  Yachting/marine Experience: Commercial Vessels  
Spoken Languages: Dutch  Italian  Italian  Italiano
Education: Middle Schools
Food and Beverage experience: No
Expected Salary: Not decleared
Number of boardings
Period: Dal 2007 al 2017
Owner: Motonave Grimaldi Lines, Di Maio Lines,Adria ferries
Unit: Navi traghetti pax
Employment: Piccolo di camera
Main Tasks: Shop manager cassiera