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Registered on: 18/05/2010
Last update: 14/06/2020
Visits: 7460
Contacts: 17
Passport Italy

Profile n. 24834
43 years, single,
non smoker
(Misano Adriatico RN  Italy)
Registered on: 18/05/2010 Visits: 7460
Last update: 14/06/2020 Contacts: 17

Also available as • Captain • Deck Officer • Skipper • Engine Officer • Mechanical Engineer • Boats mantainance Man • Mechanic • Diving Guide • Patented Diver • Sailing Instructor • Tourist Guide - if required
Uncertain availability Candidate 24834 may not be immediately available
Availability in team
vedi scheda Also available in team with
con Chef, Hostess, Babysitter, Equipaggio per trasferimenti (check profile 32323)
Certificate of competency • Sea Captain • Captain • Navigation Officer • Capitano Diporto • Ufficiale di Navigazione del Diporto • Commercial Yachts' Captain • Yachtmaster Offshore • Master of Yachts 500 Tons • Officer of Watch
Seafarer's Registration Registered in Porto Santo Stefano, in 1 Category Qualification: Master
Professional Courses • Basic Firefighting • Advanced Firefighting • PSSR • Survival and Rescue • Elementary First Aid • First Aid • Radar • ARPA • GMDSS • MAMS Advance Scuba Diving, kite surfing
Nautical Licence Yachts License Released 2010
Statement I have Yachting Experience and I have proven Yachting experience and I declare that, for the job I'm applying for I hold Licences, Professional Courses and Seaman book.
Experience 20 years yachting/marine Experience
10 Years proven Yachting/ Marine experience on Seaman Book
  Yachting/marine Experience: S/Y 24M +   S/Y 18M +   S/Y 12M +   M/Y 50M +   M/Y 24M +   M/Y up to 24mt   Catamarans   Commercial Vessels   Military Marine Vessel  
Spoken Languages: Italian  Spanish  English 
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Food and Beverage experience: Yes
Expected Salary: Not decleared
Attached documents are available
Schallers 2019 (References) Issued: 30/09/2019
reference Metcalfe (References) Issued: 15/07/2018
Reference Dida (References) Issued: 31/03/2016
Additional personal info and skills Personal Notes
Dear, my name is Walter Ferramosca, I was a Captain /Engineer up to 35 meters with commendable references. I got also Arneson experience and jet propulsion. I sailed in all over Mediterranean, all over Carribean sea, Panama Canal, Atlantic crossing. I love charter boats .I am very precise in the accounts and the management of the boat, as well as in the cruise schedule. I always make sure that my Guests will enjoy relaxing in their holidays. Good knowledge of compliance and reporting about budget and works done. I like water sports: I am a kite surfer, free diver and scuba divemaster. I am a loyal person and I always do the shipowner's interests by making the best technical and economic choices with the comparison of various quotes for important jobs. I like to establish a joyful and professional atmosphere on board both with welcome guests and with the crew. I think happy guests make a happy crew. I am used to having scheduled maintenance of all on-board equipment. I have a flexible personality and inclined towards problem solving. Good leadership skills , communications are key, organized, good bookkeeping, budgeting, computer savvy, itinerary planning, energetic and adventurous. Calm personality. Strong hospitality. Good engineering skills. Hands on bridge and deck. Very safety minded. No Smoker. No Tatoo. Available for drug test. Thank you for your consideration. Kind regards Walter dr. Ferramosca Master 500 GT L'amore per il mare, la passione e la vocazione a navigare mi accompagnano fin da piccolo. Sono una persona attiva, che apprende velocemente. Possiedo ottime capacitÓ di adattamento a tutte le situazioni e una predisposizione verso lavori dinamici che richiedono flessibilitÓ di orari e disponibilitÓ a spostamenti. Possiedo ottime capacitÓ a lavorare in condizioni di stress. Ho sempre avuto feedback positivi da parte dei miei capitani e dei miei armatori che mi descrivono come una persona seria, competente, educata e discreta. Possiedo uno spiccato senso del dovere congiunto ad un grande entusiasmo ed una buona capacitÓ di problem solving derivante sia dalle diverse esperienze in abito professionale sia dalla vita di tutti i giorni.
My latest position is as Captain for MY Rizzardi 28 meters, Captain for 35 meters Tecnomar "Spirit of Salima" and Captain/Engineer for a Mangusta 80' "Jojo" :so I got also Arneson experience. I was mate on a SY 50 meters Fitzroy Yachts: "Ohana" I was deckhand on 85 meters SY with squared sails :"Signora del Vento" Please find here below a summary of my experience and attached my Curriculum Vitae. The love of the sea, the passion and the vocation to navigate accompanied me since childhood.I am an active person who learns quickly. I have excellent ability to adapt to all situations and a predisposition towards dynamic works that require flexible working hours and willingness to travel. I have excellent ability to work under stress. I've always had positive feedback from my captains and my owners who describe me as a serious person, responsible, polite and discreet.I have a strong sense of duty combined with a great enthusiasm and good problem solving skills resulting both from the different experiences in professional dress. Professional Competencies: Ships unlimited licence and IMO Master 500GT . Atlantic crossing, PanamÓ Channel crossing, 4 season in Caribbean Sea , Mediterranean sea, ENG 1, Mini ISM and AIS knowledge, GMDSS: GOC, Radar and Radar Arpa courses, Fire Fighting Advanced course, Diver advanced licence, excellent skills in varnishing and maintenance, Kite surfer. I worked like Dive Guide for Elysub in Anzio (Rome) Languages spoken:Italian, English, Spanish. Reliability, professionalism, awareness of the commitment, good coping skills on board in confined spaces. No Smoker. No Tatoo. Available for drugtest. Attitude hard worker, problem solving, professionalism, good living on board, privateness and likeable people. Kind Regards. Walter dr. Ferramosca Master 500 GT
Soft skills
SerietÓ,professionalitÓ, consapevolezza dell?impegno preso, buona capacitÓ di convivenza a bordo in ambienti ristretti, riservatezza.
Organizational skills
Problem solving .
Technical skills
Buona competenza nella manutenzione dell'imbarcazione.
Number of boardings
Period: April 2019- to September 2019
Owner: MY True Austrian
Unit: fast power yacht
Employment: Captain-Engineer
Main Tasks: manage the boat , selection contractors

Period: April 2016 to July 2018
Owner: J. Metcalfe/Beyond Reference attached
Unit: 28 meters -Rizzardi - power yacht
Employment: Captain-engineer
Main Tasks: Sailing,hiring crew, budget control, shipayard contracts, Budget preparation & monitoring Accounting Schedule planning & monitoring refit

Period: Novembre 2014 to March 2016
Owner: Commerciale
Unit: Tecnomar Velvet 35 metri-Spirit of Salima
Employment: Comandante
Main Tasks: sailing, services, engineer, crew mangment

Period: Dicembre 2013 a Febbraio 2014
Owner: Commerciale
Unit: SY 50 metri Fitzroy Yacht
Employment: Ufficiale
Main Tasks: navigazione oceanica

Period: Agosto 2013 a Ottobre 2014
Owner: Commerciale
Unit: MY Mangusta 80'
Employment: Comandante/motorista
Main Tasks: navigazione, manutenzione

Period: Maggio 2012 a Settembre 2012
Owner: privato
Unit: SY Swan 80 '
Employment: Comandante/macchinista
Main Tasks: navigazione

Period: 25/09/2012 25/10/2012
Owner: SocietÓ Italiana di Navigazione.
Unit: 85 metri a vele quadre
Employment: allievo comune
Main Tasks: coperta: manutenzione ed aiuto nelle manovre

Period: 20 Ott-2011 / 20 Dic.2011 traversata atalantica dalla Spagna a Saint. Lucia
Owner: Privato
Unit: Vela 19 metri
Employment: Marinaio/cuoco
Main Tasks: Navigazione e cucina